Your professional bartender at home!

The TenderOne cocktail machine is a fully automated system that allows you to prepare the most delicious cocktails and mixed drinks hygienically and quickly. Delicious cocktails at the touch of a button, without premix or postmix!

Cocktail machines

Everyone at the cocktails: now you can! Tenderone machines are easy to operate for everyone. It is also not necessary to first follow an extensive training or course. In addition, our cocktail machines are not only very easy to operate and very efficient, they are also real eye-catchers! We now have a wide range of cocktail machines, from a mobile cocktail bar for events or outdoor bars, to a small bottle tender that fits easily on any bar.

The dosage of the ingredients can be set to the nearest tenth of a centiliter. TenderOne offers you the opportunity to prepare hundreds of cocktails perfectly according to your favorite recipe. You can also compile your own cocktail menu. This means you are never tied to our pre-programmed cocktails!

With the TenderOne cocktail machines you will achieve a great return on investment. The break-even point is often already 10 cocktails per week!

By being able to create the perfectly measured recipe in seconds, you create an incredible one return on investment! As you can see in the calculation example below, the combination of bottles and bag-in-box drinks is very lucrative for the purchase price of your cocktails.

The purchase price for cocktails with alcohol averages between € 0,85 and € 1,10. If you offer the cocktails for € 8, you have a net profit per cocktail of € 21, after deduction of VAT and € 1 purchase of drinks.

This means that if you opt for the hire purchase, you will break even with 10 cocktails per week without investment. On everything above you earn € 5,61 per cocktail! 
By presenting a nice extensive menu with cocktails & mocktails and by consistently guaranteeing the same taste every time, you will sell many more cocktails than you ever thought possible.
Our prices are starting prices based on hire purchase. Of course buying is also always possible, the prices are cheaper than with hire purchase.
Tenderone touchscreen operation

TenderOne cocktail machine

German machine available in many versions
  • 1 year warranty
  • cocktail in 3-5 seconds
  • max. 40 ingredients
  • own operating system
The Tenderone bone athlete is designed to support and relieve your bar staff

TenderOne bone athlete

Combination of bottles and bag in box. Available in 3 versions, including complete bar integration
  • 1 year warranty
  • cocktail in 3-5 seconds
  • max. 40 ingredients
  • eyecatcher
Our own TenderOne basic cocktail machine

TenderOne basic
cocktail machine

Compact German machine. Available in 3 versions.
  • 1 year warranty
  • cocktail in 5-10 seconds
  • max. 15 ingredients
  • android operating system
Custom Made cocktail machine (custom made) -

Custom made cocktail machine

Tailor-made to your own wishes and possibilities
  • 1 year warranty
  • cocktail in 3-5 seconds
  • max. 36 ingredients
  • warehouse up to 20 meters from the bar

Mobile cocktail bar

German mobile unit, possibly in combination with all machines
  • 1 year warranty
  • possibly in combination with all maches
  • with built-in refrigerator

A cocktail machine for every location

TenderOne cocktail machines

Mobile cocktail bar

Our mobile cocktail bars are easy to transport and have the ability to prepare 700 cocktails per hour. The bar has its own fridge and can be equipped with all the ingredients you need. Ideal when you have an event, hall or, for example, an outdoor terrace!

Want to know more about the possibilities of our mobile cocktail bar?

Tenderone mobile cocktail bar upstairs
Maximum return from your cocktail sales

Catering solutions

We offer various custom cocktail machines for bars that serve more than 50 cocktails per week. The TenderOne dosing machines are supplied with a professional bag-in-box system. But also as a BottleTender, which is a real eye-catcher with 12 bottles!

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TenderOne always offers optimal service. We will work out a cocktail concept for you before the cocktail machine is installed. But even after the installation of your system, we remain available for support. If desired, we even offer remote maintenance!

TenderOne has grown because of the good service. Knowing more?

Cocktail machines with built-in volume measurement


TenderOne systems are tailor-made in Germany. The advanced software allows users to prepare the best cocktails without additional training. Together we set up a menu. Does a guest have different wishes? Then our composer offers the possibility to adjust recipes to size!

Would you like to know what makes our TenderOne machines really special?

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We are happy to help you!

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Everything about efficiency with cocktail machines

It is important for catering entrepreneurs who offer cocktails to serve quality quickly. Cocktails have high margins, but a lot of gains are lost on preparation time and waste.

Our cocktail machines make your bartender work faster and more effectively. While the machine is making the cocktail, the next cocktail glass can already be prepared.

Make more profit with a cocktail machine is a practical solution for anyone with a cocktail menu or interested in cocktail sales. Imagine preparing cocktails at the speed of a beer! 

Information about saving with a cocktail machine

In addition to time, drink consumption is also an important factor for optimal profitability with cocktails.

Waste is known to every catering entrepreneur. You can determine the exact consumption with a cocktail machine. That means more efficiency, less waste and more profit for your company.

What you earn extra in return is the easiest way to get more out of your stock. 

With the machines of you are assured of maximum efficiency from your cocktail sales.

What makes a cocktail machine possible?

A good cocktail machine allows faster service and service for your guests. The bar staff literally and figuratively get more hands free during preparation. Support your bartenders for more profit from your catering business.

With the new cocktail machines you are able to accurately calculate and measure your efficiency down to the milliliter.

You eliminate beverage waste and increase the throughput to the maximum. That means more profit with professional, tasty cocktails. For an average purchase of less than 1 euro per cocktail!

Expert in profitable cocktails under one button

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