Always consistent and perfectly mixed drinks!

TenderOne Cocktails only works with the best quality alcoholic drinks, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices.
Would you rather work with your own drinks, however? That is of course also possible!


Always exactly dosed cocktails, no premix

All our TenderOne dosing machines offer 100% consistency. This way we always guarantee the perfect taste for every cocktail. In addition, the exact dosage ensures less waste and breakage, making your bar more efficient.

Depending on your location, we offer different cocktail machines and ingredients. Our drinks are available as a bag-in-box, but also in regular drink bottles. Do you prefer to use your own ingredients, or do you prefer to use another supplier or brand? Then this is of course no problem.

Our drinks

The TenderOne dosing machine is not limited to alcoholic cocktails, but also prepares the tastiest non-alcoholic drinks. For example, our cocktail machine makes an extensive range of mocktails, lemonades, iced tea and even iced coffee. depending on your requirements.

We offer our customers a complete range of top quality drinks for this purpose. These include spirits and liqueurs, as well as cocktail syrups and juices, both bag-in-box and bottled. TenderOne has its own suppliers for this, but we are also happy to work with your existing suppliers or other premium brands of your choice.

Our spirits and liqueurs are produced by a traditional Dutch distillery: Herman Jansen.

Herman Jansen is a family business from Schiedam that has been producing spirits since 1777. In 2012 the World Spirits organization awarded Herman Jansen the prize for Distillery of the Year.

Drinks selected with care


TenderOne ingredients are available in a convenient bag-in-box system. This means you need less space for storage, less breakage, a longer shelf life and a significantly lower impact on the environment. Efficient and sustainable!

With our bag-in-box system it is even possible to store your stock 20 meters away from your bar. Curious about the possibilities?

TenderOne Bottletender 12 efficient and durable
TenderOne cocktail machine bottletender cocktail mixer bacardi


Of course you can also choose to use regular drink bottles. The TenderOne BottleTender is a real eye-catcher that offers space to use 12 different beverage bottles. Of course there is the possibility to work with existing suppliers or premium brands of your choice. Test

TenderOne customers benefit from a full range of beverages at competitive prices. Read more?

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We are happy to help you!

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Everything about efficiency with cocktail machines

It is important for catering entrepreneurs who offer cocktails to serve quality quickly. Cocktails have a high margin, but a lot of profit is lost on preparation time and waste.

Our cocktail machines make your bartender work faster and more effectively. While the machine is making the cocktail, the next cocktail glass can already be prepared.

Make more profit with a cocktail machine is a practical solution for anyone with a cocktail menu or interested in cocktail sales. Imagine preparing cocktails at the speed of a beer! 

Information about saving with a cocktail machine

Besides time, drink consumption is also an important factor for a profitable business with cocktails.

Waste is known to every catering entrepreneur. You can determine the exact consumption with a cocktail machine. That means more efficiency, less waste and more profit for your company.

What you earn extra in return is one of the easiest ways to get more out of your stock. 

With the machines of you are assured of maximum efficiency from your cocktail sales.

What makes a cocktail machine possible?

A good cocktail machine allows faster service and service for your guests. The bar staff literally and figuratively get more hands free during preparation. Support your bartenders for more profit from your catering business.

With a new cocktail machine you are able to accurately calculate and measure your efficiency down to the milliliter.

You eliminate beverage waste and increase the throughput to the maximum. That means more profit for you with professional, tasty cocktails. For an average purchase of less than 1 euro per cocktail!

Expert in profitable cocktails under one button

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