Designed to last for years

Our operating systems are designed and developed by ourselves to offer you the optimal user experience.

Own designed operating system

Our control systems are written in-house and specially designed for the control of our cocktail machines. For this we use professional industrial PCs with a powerful machine control system. At the same time, the large color touchscreen on the machines makes operation very simple and user-friendly.

New developments in the system, such as updates or adjustments, can easily be integrated into the existing systems. In addition, TenderOne can access the systems remotely at any time, which means we can always provide remote service. As a result, your TenderOne cocktail machine easily undergoes updates and your machine can last for decades without any problems.


Thanks to the built-in volume measurement, our machine automatically detects when a product is almost finished

Our evaluation module is a comprehensive control tool

Powerful electric pumps

There are different ideas about the use of pumps. Over the years, TenderOne has therefore run tests with various types of pumps to make our machines as efficient as possible. In the beginning we used compressed air powered drink pumps for this. These are the most commonly used pumps in dispenser technology. Solenoid valves regulate the compressed air driven by a compressor, making the system very powerful and efficient. However, this design has the drawback that it only works when all components in the circuit are functioning properly. As soon as the compressor fails or a pump breaks down, the entire system shuts down because the compressed air circuit is interrupted for all pumps. Another drawback was that the solenoid valves proved to be a weak point, they had to be replaced regularly and proved to be very sensitive to small particles such as the pulp of juices.

Based on that experience, we have further developed our systems and the TenderOne cocktail machines now run on electric pumps. For this we use robust double diaphragm pumps from Flojet, one of the largest manufacturers of professional pumps worldwide. These pumps are very durable and low maintenance, which means that the cocktail machines will continue to work for years without any problems. As a result, we have managed to keep the maintenance costs of our cocktail machines very low.

Eight pumps are installed in a folding pump rack per system. Should this cause an error with one of the pumps, we can easily reach the pumps and repair or replace them if necessary. In addition to the pumps, the flow meters are also located in the pump racks, these meters provide, among other things, the empty signal. Mounting these parts together in an accessible location makes maintenance very easy and efficient.

Users of TenderOne cocktail machines almost immediately notice a saving on their waste and ingredients

Programming and dosing

Your own favorite cocktail recipes are easy to program thanks to the specially developed software of our cocktail machines. In addition, TenderOne offers the possibility to program our recipes in advance or to add or adjust recipes remotely (by telephone).

But of course we know better than anyone that guests sometimes have special requests. For example, when their favorite cocktail is not on the menu, they have an allergy or want their cocktail something else. That is why we developed the TenderOne composer. With this system you can create a cocktail in the system in no time and save it in the device. If desired, this function can of course also be turned off, so that you can limit yourself to a standardized menu. Naturally, a connection to your POS system is also possible for this function.

We distinguish ourselves from our co-operatives in the dosage of your cocktails. The TenderOne is the only cocktail machine that maintains accurate registration of flow rates. In other systems, the quantity dosing is based on time. Calibration then determines the time it takes to tap a preset amount of an ingredient. However, this method has the drawback that when the flow rate changes (as is often the case with syrups), the quantity supplied also changes. As a result, your recipe is no longer consistent and the taste of the cocktail can be very different. Due to our exact volume measurement, TenderOne does not have this problem. Product thickness hardly plays a role and a consistent taste of your cocktails is guaranteed!



Regardless of how busy it is, TenderOne always offers the possibility to easily check the volume of the connected ingredients at any time. In addition, the cocktail machine sends an empty notification message in time if an ingredient threatens to run out. When an ingredient is actually used up, our system detects this immediately and a message is displayed on the touchscreen. At the same time, all recipes that contain this ingredient are marked as red on the screen. 

We understand better than anyone that there are situations where it is not possible to directly replace the missing ingredient. Therefore, it remains possible with our machine to tap the red-marked cocktails and then manually add the missing ingredient. Once the missing product is finally replenished, the red-marked cocktails will return to normal and your menu will be complete again.

Our evaluation module is a comprehensive control tool. You can view the cocktail sales in quantities, times and you can evaluate these data. Whether you sell monthly, weekly, daily or hourly, the module helps you identify peak demand and set up your bar as efficiently as possible. Of course, the amounts of cocktails consumed are precisely recorded. This helps you with personnel and material planning. The machine also determines the consumption of the individual products. This makes ordering the right ingredients child's play.

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Everything about efficiency with cocktail machines

It is important for catering entrepreneurs who offer cocktails to serve quality quickly. Cocktails have high margins, but a lot of gains are lost on preparation time and waste.

Our cocktail machines make your bartender work faster and more effectively. While the machine is making the cocktail, the next cocktail glass can already be prepared.

Make more profit with a cocktail machine is a practical solution for anyone with a cocktail menu or interested in cocktail sales. Imagine preparing cocktails at the speed of a beer! 

Information about saving with a cocktail machine

In addition to time, drink consumption is also an important factor for optimal profitability with cocktails.

Waste is known to every catering entrepreneur. You can determine the exact consumption with a cocktail machine. That means more efficiency, less waste and more profit for your company.

What you earn extra in return is the easiest way to get more out of your stock. 

With the machines of you are assured of maximum efficiency from your cocktail sales.

What makes a cocktail machine possible?

A good cocktail machine allows faster service and service for your guests. The bar staff literally and figuratively get more hands free during preparation. Support your bartenders for more profit from your catering business.

With the new cocktail machines you are able to accurately calculate and measure your efficiency down to the milliliter.

You eliminate beverage waste and increase the throughput to the maximum. That means more profit with professional, tasty cocktails. For an average purchase of less than 1 euro per cocktail!

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