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You can purchase, lease or borrow the TenderOne cocktail machine. Therefore, own investments are not necessary.

Sometimes new devices appear on the market that make you wonder why they were not invented before.

TenderOne cocktail machines are exactly that kind of devices. Our machines are designed to allow every bartender to make the perfect cocktail within a few seconds. However, the short preparation time does not mean that you have to return to quality. The touchscreen simply explains how the perfect cocktail is prepared, in which glass it belongs and with which garnish the cocktail should be served.

Furthermore, the TenderOne dosing machine is the first cocktail maker that can accurately dose up to 0.1 cl. For this, the machine uses up to 40 individual pipes and you’ll be able to prepare almost any cocktail recipe, with just one touch of a button! This time saver ensures that your employees have more attention for your guests. You decide whether the staff still will shake or garnish cocktails. As a result, the TenderOne is not only a true eyecatcher itself, but the machine also ensures that your cocktails are eyecatchers.

Of course, this means that there is no more waste and more importantly: consistency is guaranteed. With the TenderOne cocktail machines you are assured that your cocktail sales will increase.

The possibilities of TenderOne

In recent years, TenderOne has been supplying more than 1200 cocktail machines throughout Europe. We have used this experience to continue to innovate and optimize our machines. Therefore, we are now able to perfectly adjust our machines to the wishes of our customers.

This even starts before the machine is installed. Together with you, we set up a cocktail concept with matching menu to create opportunities for your company. After the machine is installed or delivered, TenderOne continues to provide the same level of service. For example, we are at all times reachable by phone for questions and because of the smart software in our devices we can also provide remote service and maintenance.

Our consultants adapt our products to your wishes so that our cocktail machines are always tailor-made solutions. Therefore, we offer machines for all kinds of occasions. We offer mobile cocktail machines for events, outdoor bars or (football) stadiums. But we also offer small and large cocktail machines for restaurants, cafés, hotels, cocktail bars and other catering establishments. The efficiency of our machines often saves you storage space and makes it possible to place a machine in almost any location. With our bag-in-box system it is even possible to place the beverage stock up to 20 meters away from the machine. TenderOne knows how to match your machines perfectly to your business.

The TenderOne dosing machine is not limited to alcoholic cocktails, but also prepares the tastiest alcohol-free beverages. This makes our cocktail machine an extensive assortment of mocktails, lemonades, iced tea and even iced coffee, Depending on your needs. We would be happy to contact you to give a demonstration of our products, or to answer other questions.

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