A cocktail machine for instant sales increase and maximum profit from your cocktail sales.

The fastest preparation time and minimal waste with cocktail machines is often already available from 10 cocktails per week!

Why is a cocktail machine making more money than people think? Read on here.

Cocktail machines are gaining popularity in restaurants, behind the bar and even at events. Experience what you are missing if you do not have a cocktail machine.

Costly waste and slow services limit profitability for catering businesses - cocktailmachines.com

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find sufficiently skilled bartenders in the catering industry. This ensures slow preparation of your cocktails and unnecessary drink waste. 

Because of this waste - sometimes centiliters per order (!) - and too low operating speed, many catering entrepreneurs lose valuable turnover every week. And that while cocktail sales extremely profitable can be for your business.

So choose support for your bartender with a cocktail machine.

Interview with Edwin - Cocktail machine specialist

With the help of our cocktail machines, turnover increases in cocktail sales have increased by up to 300%!

Affordable professional cocktail machines can be found here:

The compact cocktail machine

  • Uit durable plastic and stainless steel manufactured cocktail machine.
  • 5 to 10 seconds cooking time per cocktail.
  • 16 different drinks available under 1 button.
  • Android operating system.
  • 1 year warranty.
Our own TenderOne basic cocktail machine

All-round cocktail machines

  • The new standard in cocktail preparation.
  • 3 to 5 seconds of preparation time per cocktail.
  • Full stainless steel finish.
  • Own becontrol system.
  • This cocktail machine is available in various variants, adapted to your occasion for optimal results from your cocktail sales.
  • With as many as 40 ingredients which can be connected to the machine at the same time, you can prepare any drink in a jiffy.
  • Warranty period of 1 year!

Cocktail machine deluxe

  • With our Bottletender cocktail machine you combine efficiency with us unique, eye-catching design.
  • By the combination of bottles with bag in box drinks you get optimal margins and variety from your machine.
  • This machine prepares cocktails in 3 to 5 seconds with to as many as 40 connected ingredients, based on your own recipes.
  • The Bottletender is in 3 versions available and becomes delivered complete bar integration included.
  • Standard 1 year warranty!

Mobile cooled cocktail bar

  • Cocktail machines equipped with built-in cooling.
  • Standard delivered with 1 year warranty.

Using a professional cocktail machine offers several advantages for your business.

With the cocktail machine:
  • You can own recipes put together yourself;
  • Be any cocktail accurate to the milliliter dosed;
  • You save almost immediately on waste and cocktail ingredients;
  • Do you have full insight into consumption (and other data);
  • Experience both you and your staff the entire bar layout more efficient is becoming.

And there are many more advantages when using a cocktail machine: read more about profit optimization with cocktail machines within your company here.

Support your bartender with a cocktailmachine from cocktailmachines.com for optimal efficiency behind the cocktail bar!

Our cocktail machines offer:

  • Full insight into your purchasing, stock and consumption.
  • Preparation speed of 3 to 10 seconds per cocktail.
  • Accuracy up to 0,1cl per dose.


That means optimal efficiencyGet your bartender, no waste and maximum return from your cocktail sales!

Maximum return from your cocktail sales
Did you know that: The break-even point of your own cocktail machine can already be reached from 10 cocktails per week?
Quality cocktails
All our dispensers deliver 100% consistent cocktails. Depending on the machine that best suits your location, we offer all necessary ingredients. You choose whether you want to use our bag-in-box system, or if you prefer to use traditional bottles of liquor. 

Cocktailmachines.com offers a complete range of top quality spirits, liqueurs, cocktail syrups and juices. Our drinks and liqueurs are supplied as standard by a renowned Dutch distillery.

In addition, our cocktail machine is not only limited to alcoholic cocktails. All machines are also equipped to prepare the tastiest mocktails, lemonades, iced tea and even iced coffee. According to your favorite recipe and always accurate.

Make the most of your opportunity with solutions from cocktailmachines.com

Everything about efficiency with cocktail machines

It is important for catering entrepreneurs who offer cocktails to serve quality quickly. Cocktails have high margins, but a lot of gains are lost on preparation time and waste.

Our cocktail machines make your bartender work faster and more effectively. While the machine is making the cocktail, the next cocktail glass can already be prepared.

Make more profit with a cocktail machine is a practical solution for anyone with a cocktail menu or interested in cocktail sales. Imagine preparing cocktails at the speed of a beer! 

Information about saving with a cocktail machine

In addition to time, drink consumption is also an important factor for optimal profitability with cocktails.

Waste is known to every catering entrepreneur. You can determine the exact consumption with a cocktail machine. That means more efficiency, less waste and more profit for your company.

What you earn extra in return is the easiest way to get more out of your stock. 

With the machines of cocktailmachines.com you are assured of maximum efficiency from your cocktail sales.

What makes a cocktail machine possible?

A good cocktail machine allows faster service and service for your guests. The bar staff literally and figuratively get more hands free during preparation. Support your bartenders for more profit from your catering business.

With the new cocktail machines you are able to accurately calculate and measure your efficiency down to the milliliter.

You eliminate beverage waste and increase the throughput to the maximum. That means more profit with professional, tasty cocktails. For an average purchase of less than 1 euro per cocktail!

Expert in profitable cocktails under one button

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